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For one quite harmless joke like "I came for the comments and was not disappointed"

Mememe by Kinpatsu-Cosplay
To this photo that is totally not 80% about her boobies...right?

Getting blocked for something like that is the standard in 2017 I guess. Brrr..people today.
Sorry everyone for not answering /accepting/declining anything today and in the next 4 days.

I am driving away from friday-sunday and also getting Tekken 7 tomorrow night sooo...I am going to be A F K from this moment on till somewhen Monday afternoon. 

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes any everything else!

Seeya next week ^^
And I am now 37 years old.

Please do me a favour and don't send me any birthday wishes. Some of you will laugh but I really hate my birthdays because they are reminding me like nothing else that I am getting older.

And trust me..getting older is like a curse if you have something like lifegoals or a "mission". You are all knowig deadlines..from  your bosses at work and even from the Game-Art-HQ art collaborations. 

They are a great way to get a project together in time, but you know, when I have my birthday..I am seeing my "deadline" coming a bit closer and I feel the pressure to achieve more and do it faster.

Aside from this maybe a bit dark and gloomy sounding short journal I am feeling quite good actually. Tekken 7 is coming soon and I look forward to play it a lot and troll many many other players with my favourite characters like Kuma and Miguel online and also having a damn nice weekend with my gf. 

Thanks everyone for helping me on my mission to build up the ga-hq community and website here.

Greets, Reinhold
The game is out now since a year and the fan art categories are still flooded with, mercy, tracer etc fan arts. 

Its getting annoying. 
After seeing a gameplay demonstration, I think it looks more like the Marvel touchscreen fighting game for iOS thana current generation consoles fighter. Especially in comparison with games like Injustice 2.

Would even go as far and say that MVC3 in 2011 looked a lot better, the rumors that special moves like a shoryuken are done with movements like down down punch sounds also not very exciting to me.

Here is the gameplay clip, whats your opinion?
April started relative cool yesterday, with awesome weather and there was also the pretty cool reveal of Arika working on a Fighting Lay / Street Fighter EX characters fighting game if they are either getting a publisher for it or making it via kickstarter maybe. They are not sure but it seems they saw a ton of interest worldwide.

Today I wrote the Pokemon Gen II Project Journal and well, lets see how many new faces come on board. I hope around 30-40 until the month ends. 

The website saw a big milestone coming together for Link's Blacklist last month, this month is all about working on the video game character database, I created a gallery for Lei Wulong from Tekken already today, the next characters are Lakitu from Super Mario Bros and I want to feature at least one fan art that was submitted recently. 

Am working on more game character galleries until the 22nd April until i Join Shinragod to get the 19 galleries for the Street Fighter II Series part of the big SF Anniversary Tribute completed, with the goal to publish it by the end of the month.

One of the long-time Patrons had to jump abboard and the monthly funds are at $18 which means I pay around $20 from my own income still to keep the site online. It also means still 0 funds for art contests of course. My Reward idea to give people ad-space to promote themselfes via game-art-hq did not get any interest sadly which is a damn shame since it could be a big chance for everyone beside getting the site and art contests funded. I created an ad for Shinragod ( who joined as a Patreon before)  last week and saw that he gets around 10-15 visitors per day from my site. That means 300-450 visitors in a month and those are people that care for art related to video games. Its also a bigger clickthrough rate than I had with the google ads before.

Any help is damn appreciated and if you are interested to advertise yourself via game-art-hq, there you go

Greets and a happy + warm April everyone!
Well, for everyone else it is Thursday but for me it is the day where I am finishing an important part of our long running Legend of Zelda bestiary project, the Link's Blacklist.

This art collaboration started in June 2012 already and always had pretty loose rules regarding the choice of the enemies and bosses. Last year I changed that and limited the project to the classic Legend of Zelda to get to the 2nd half of the project.

Now after around 200 of the many enemies were illustrated through drawings, paintings,3d models,  sculptures end even dolls or cakes it was time to get a bestiary for one game completely done.

Around 20 of the classic enemies were left last year when I started the Legend of Zelda I LB round and it took around a half year until all were claimed and illustrated by the awesome artists that are a part of the Game-Art-HQ community.

Instead of just adding the new artworks, myself and :iconshinragod: worked out a new layout for the galleries which meant bigger images, a much darker look and also more content in the form of screenshots, official art and especially more detailed texts, introductions and features for all participating artists that usually end with the recommendation to visit their galleries and a link to them.

The galleries look great and the new main gallery looks really awesome, its a honor to get something like this together. I know that a lot of hours were used for each of the around 30 illustrations.

In 5-10 minutes I am going to work and update the last gallery, of course the one for Ganon, the final boss and main antagonist of the game. A bit later, in an hour the Legend of Zelda part of Link's Blacklist is done.  As said, for you its thursday, but for me its an important  a bit moving day :-)

Cheers RH
Zelda: Breath of the Wild PC Cemu emulator effort gets $23,000 a month in funding

Game-Art-HQ gets $23.

Last evening when I brushed my teeth I had an idea that could result in something awesome for our Game-Art-HQ Group/Community and Website.

There on the site I installed two random article widgets (everything there is done manually including the pool of the available articles).

One for articles that feature fan art or are a part of our fan art collaborations. The other one is displaying one of the many character galleries on the site.

Now how about using this feature to

1. Advertise community members and directly link to their galleries on deviantart or other sites of their choice

2. Combine it with Patreon and something like a monthly 3 or 4 dollars fee/donation

= Super cheap ads for the artists in comparison with other sites or even networks, no additional ads would be needed anymore. Limitation to only 20-25 artists that can get their "ads" displayed and offer commissions as example which might help them since is getting around 3000 visitors per day and these visitors are usually the people that care about video games and art.

IF 25 people would pay 4 dollars per month it would be enough already to cover all web site costs + around 50-60 dollars would remain to form a pool for art contests prizes.

For the artists it would be super cheap exposure. 3000 visitors are around 8000 pageviews ..per day. 8000 pageviews divided through 25 artists = are 320 pageviews for every ad/recommendation per day = almost 10k views for every artist on one month. And if only one person who sees one of the 10000 ads per month wants to order an artwork the costs are back for the artist + he helped the game-art-hq project to be independent from outside ad networks + makes prizes for art contests possible that could be something like 50 or 100 bucks per prize.  

What do you think, is this an interesting model?
 getting 5 + new art submissions for the Game-Art-HQ Art Collaborations every day. All the dedication <3

*5* everyone, its good to see so many of you being on board to create wonderful art.
I would love if there would be 1-3 official art contests by deviantart every year that are truly about creating art of different kinds and are not just paid promotions by the game or movie industry to make a movie like Split or a game like Tomb Raider popular here. 

The March 2017 is a special month and a change for the site and community and its progress. Instead of the normal focus on the video game character database, it is all about the video game art collaborations and bringing them forward this month. The Street Fighter Anniversary is all about the 19 characters from the Street Fighter II era and some truly amazing submissions of the World Warriors were done already.

Our Pokemon Tribute from last year sees its first big follow-up and we got 80 of the 100 Generation II Pokemon covered by as many artists already that worked on Game-Art-HQ Projects previously. The Fighting Game Boss Tribute V2 gets daily updates on the site until all 37 characters are done at the 19th March.

But the biggest update is currently coming to our Legend of Zelda Bestiary, the Link’s Blacklist. Not only are we adding the over 20 artworks from last year that made our Legend of Zelda (1986) Bestiary complete, we also gave the project a huge visual makeover, a new template for the articles and a lot more content in them as well.

It is difficult to say how many characters will be added to the database this month.

In other news I removed 2 banners from the ad-network Conversant from the website, the daily income from them sunk in the last 2 years from nice 2-3 euro per day to only 30-40 cent now. Only the google adsense banners are remaining and those will be removed if I get a few more supporters via Patreon

I am really not good at this.

I make around $21 via Patreon right now and the rest was paid through the ads there, but my goal was and is to be completely independent from any ads and use the sidebar for a better navigation, nicer menus and have no distractions there in the form of any banners. The site is without ads now since 2 months and I would love to keep it that way, but I would also love to get even with the costs like it was when ads paid the bills that are around $40 per month for the webhosting and yearly costs for the 3 urls / org / net.

I work already around 100+ hours on this website and all the organizing of the art collaborations and group administration takes a good couples of hours as well of course. 

If you would like to help me out, even if it is with only a buck per month, any help is damn appreciated and we can also talk about you getting featured on the site, actually 2 artists are already having a constant feature there in the sidebar. 

Here is my Patreon:

You can also donate a 1 time donation via my paypal email

Greets, Reinhold
Am not able to work on anything GA-HQ related in the next days, I have a cold and hope its not becoming a damn flu. Goddamn does it suck to be sick at silvester.
Made a private list with names of people that joined an art collaboration, but didnt submit what they claimed they would create and also didnt mention in time that they can't/won't submit anything.

This is bad behavior and can hurt the projects and takes spots from people that would love to get them. There are a good handful people that will never be accepted to join another GA-HQ project for behavior like this. 

Guys, if you can't submit a drawing you wanted to draw it is no problem, just mention it so I can give it to someone else. 
Beat it just on easy so far with the Ranger, starting now to play on normal and hard.

I play the series since the first PS2 game, called Monster Attack in the west which was a total budget game and had only the Ranger as playable class. EDF 4.1 is basically what every Tekken game is. More content, better graphics, better balanced, more of everything but if you played the first one, you will know what to do even in the newest part, 10 or 20 years later. 

EDF 4.1 adds amazing light effects to the stages which are nothing groundbreaking and the game still looks dated, but they totally work for the game and make a part of a big war between humankind and the aliens in form of the giant insects and a handful of different robots etc. 

I would give it a solid 8/10, bought it for 25 euro via PSN.
At least TNA Impact Wrestling on Pop (Thursdays).

How Matt and Jeff Hardy are the most over act in wrestling again in 2016 is unbelievable but also super fun.

Pro Wrestling is not OBSOLETE anymore thanks to the smaller leagues
Not every week, but I follow the news at least on a wrestling site and lately I watch TNA Impact Wrestling again sometimes. The Hardy Brothers are putting on a damn good show there as "Broken" Matt Hardy and Brother Nero and they have a lot other really great talents there too. Am also watching Lucha Underground from time to time 
So don't wonder if I am not replying to comments, notes, anything

cheers, :iconreinhold-hoffmann:
Fan Art

Fan Art stood originally for Art made by Fans.

Is it fan art anymore if someone drew a character from a game etc. because the character is famous at the moment and it might bring a bit attention to draw the character? I see a lot gamers drawing all kinds of games. I also see a lot artists here on dA drawing the characters that are currently trendy or all time favourites like Chun Li.

#nuffsaid #80%ofallOverwatchartondA